Summer means Gelato

It’s summer…

When it’s a hot summer’s day, so hot that you don’t feel like to do anything, what’s better than a GELATO or GHIACCIOLO or SORBETTO?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of a new advert of a well know Italian company that makes packaged Ice creams.

Even though it cannot substitute an artisanal one, it made me dream for a while.

It reminded me of when I was younger, a teenager unconcerned with the summer heat.  I was able to stay on the beach the whole day long and at night meet my friends, who punctually arrived at the kiosk eating a ghiacciolo or gelato.
Very often the gelato was SAMMONTANA.

Sammontana – picture courtesy of wikipedia

The new advert says:

“SAMMONTANA La mia estate italiana”

(Sammontana – my Italian summer)

Their clear intention is to give you the feeling that there’s no summer without Sammontana!

Somehow they have succeeded but, apart from the commercial side, it’s part of us now.  It is part of summer.

They show teenagers on a beach, at night meeting friends and their first love, a rap song in the background, along with the pictures it gives you the sensation you’re living those emotions, it summons memories of the past and shows you how an Italian summer was and still is.
The symbol of their brand now means SUMMER, it emphasises the memory of hot summer days.

What makes you feel it’s summer?

And what is better than a Gelato on a hot day or a very hot estate italiana night!


Samira Francesca and Happy Dog Team

Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.

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