Apropos of freshness on a hot summer’s day

Here are some exquisite granita “I Nevaroli dell’Etna”

Granita su Stecco
Delicious Granita

These have been made with years of experience and research following the Sicilian tradition of crafting Granita.  This new company has been able to recreate the antique taste so the whole world can enjoy.

The company states:

As the Nevaroli, an ancient people from the Middle Ages, preserved the snow from the High altitudes of Mount Etna and transported it to the coast to refresh and delight Noblemen and Peasants alike with their Granita, today “I Nevaroli dell’Etna” offer to the world the chance to taste this typical Sicilian tradition.

We seized the opportunity to sample them, taking a packet from the supermarket…

mmmmm che bontà!



Samira Francesca and Happy Dog Team



HappydogItalian are an independent company and not sponsored/endorsed by anyone or their products.  If you would like us to sample and review your products please contact us here.


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