The Sign of the Cross

After so many requests to speak about and explain the Christian Prayers in their original language we’ve decided to dedicate a section to it.

We’ll update step by step with common prayers and their official translations.

Whether you believe in it or not it’s interesting reading and undeniable part of Italy and Italian culture.

You’ll be able to compare to the English version along with enhancing your knowledge in the target language of Italian.  It makes a fascinating read in terms of culture.

Religion in Italy

Prayer – Preghiera

We’ll start with the first prayer,  this is the one that begins and ends a formal prayer:

The Sign of the Cross:

In the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Segno della Croce:

Nel nome del Padre, e del Figlio, e dello Spirito Santo. Amen


The sign of the cross is likely to be the first prayer you will have heard and/or learnt.  It is likely you will have heard it in Italian too, simple because it is the most used by Christians.

The prayer is often coupled with a ritual blessing, or blessing oneself with the sign of the cross.  The blessing is made using the right hand, gesturing across the body performed at the same time as the prayer is spoken.


Samira Francesca and Happy Dog Team

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