A famous Prosciutto

If we say prosciutto or pancetta you all know what we are talking about, but have you ever heard Negroni? It’s one of the best charcuterie brands in Italy (it is also  a popular cocktail but that is for another time).  The brand is not only confined to Italy, some of their exquisite prosciutto can also be found abroad, most likely you will have seen the Parma ham sold in small quantities.


There is currently a very attractive advert on television which is accompanied by a sweet melody,

“Le stelle sono tante milioni di milioni, la stella di Negroni vuol dire qualità”

which is sung beautifully by Enrico Ruggeri. The song has been adapted from the original and was initially made famous by Francesco De Gregori.

People fondly remember the jingle because of the nostalgia they fell as it was also used  a long time ago in adverts,  here is a vintage advert spot by Negroni:

The singer Enrico Ruggeri ends the spot saying “Se è Negroni si sente” to emphasize that their quality is unmistakable

Certainly we love it! You can use their product for a quick panino or for a more complicated recipe to enjoy with your family – whichever way you decide to eat it, you’ll also find it to be delicious!

Here is the actual current ongoing TV advert:

We are fan of the singer too ( soon more info about him 🙂 )

Samira Francesca and Happy Dog Team



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