Italian Language Workshop
Italian Language Workshop (Photo credit: Context Travel)

Learn the dance of the Italian Language with me as you guide.​

I am a native Italian speaker who is also fluent in Spanish, French (My Grandparents language),  English and Albanian (My maternal Grandparents language).

I grew up learning and speaking several foreign languages.  In my family I speak three languages daily, this experience enables me to understand how a student learns as I have been a student too.

I obtained a diploma studying the classical languages Latin and Ancient Greek (Italian high school focused on language and Classical literature). I have been studying humanities and I achieved a certificate in Italian language didactics (School approved by Siena University for foreigners), with this students will be reassured to learn a classically correct Italian.

My ambition is to teach students to master their chosen language particularly in Italian and to make them become fluent, developing skills in lifelong learning.

Why I think I could be useful for you?

  • I take great pleasure being able to convert from one language to another.  I want to teach this skill to you.
  • I am a quick learner and I can adapt easily, achieving success in languages.  I want you to realise you also have this potential.
  • I am creative with languages – it’s fun to learn and use a new language.
  • I understand when a student makes a mistake due to interference from their native language rather than an error in grammar of the target language.
  • The biggest achievement is when a student learns and achieves their goal with relative ease – it pleases me to know I have been a part of this.
  • Ability to manipulate materials to exemplify the teaching point, enabling the you to grasp the target language.
  • Knowing that languages do not translate directly and a closer fit sometimes has to be found.

All of these points have enabled me to develop a successful method to teach.

I tutor students of all nationalities on a one-to-one or small group basis.


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