2 thoughts on “My Details

  1. Hi! Is this a religious website? Can I learn Italian language and Italian prayers and stuff?
    Thank you very much and have a nice Xmas!!

    • Ciao Maggie,

      Welcome to HappyDogItalian.com!
      You have reached our blog and you can find our website at http://www.Happydogitalian.com
      We teach Italian lessons to all levels and on a variety of subjects. Our lessons can be tailored to the trainees wishes, so we can certainly teach the Italian prayers along with the history of these and link it with the Italian language. You will enjoy learning all about this during your lessons.

      We are sure you will enjoy our style to teach and you will be surprised to achieve your goals quickly 🙂

      Continue to read our blog to gain more information about Italy, the culture along with visiting our website. We will be adding new features to this very soon along with welcoming new students.

      Please contact us directly through the blog or website with any questions you have.

      Buon Natale – Merry Christmas
      Auguri! – Wishes

      Samira Francesca & Omar Giorgio – Your HappyDogItalian Team

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