Pasquale Esposito – an Italian Tenor in America

We are glad to take this opportunity to introduce one of our Student’s friends who is a Italian singer.  Our Student Clay B. told us about him very happily and we loved his powerful voice. Continue reading

Milano Expo 2015

This year is the turn of Milan to host the Universal Exposition.  This is the second time that Milan has hosted the Expo (first in 1906) and the first Expo since 2012.

Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015

Another tribute to the city during this year is the interpretation of the most famous landmark, Duomo di Milano – Milan Cathedral. Continue reading

Oriana Fallaci

For tonight and tomorrow, a Television movie, L’Oriana, about the life of Oriana Fallaci will be transmitted.  Oriana Fallaci will be portrayed by the Tuscan Actress Vittoria Puccini.  The film is titled with ” L’ ” before her name as it is common in Tuscany to place an article before feminine names, this gives her the attachment to her land. Continue reading

Italy: Wild about the Festival

Sanremo Festival 2015 – picture courtesy of
Tonight’s Festival is paying homage to Italian music through the cover versions that the “Big” singers (they are well known famous singers, for example NEK) are performing, giving their own interpretation of the song.

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The Sanremo Festival

The Sanremo Festival dedicated to the Italian music has started tonight 10th February, it’s the 65th!  It is one of the oldest singing competitions in Europe.

Samremo is located on the Mediterranean coast of Liguria, in the North West of Italy not far from the French border and approximately 55km from Nice.

Postcard from Sanremo

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