Pane di Altamura

Altamura Bread: Pane di Altamura

Pane di Altamura is made in the town of Altamura, also known as “Città del Pane”, and dates back to before 37 BC. Altamura is located in the Southeast of Italy in the province of Bari, Apulia (Puglia).  There are over 350 different breads recognised in Italy, which is not surprising as it is the backbone to all Italian meals and the first thing put on the table, this is one of the most famous recipes. Continue reading

Ave Maria – The Hail Mary

The third prayer in this section is The Hail Mary or Ave Maria as it is called in latin. It is a Prayer to the Virgin Mary, giving salutations and asking for her Intercession. The Prayer is based on a greeting from the Angel Gabriel to Mary when he was delivering the message to inform her that she was bearing the Messiah. Continue reading

Apropos of freshness on a hot summer’s day

Here are some exquisite granita “I Nevaroli dell’Etna”

Granita su Stecco
Delicious Granita

These have been made with years of experience and research following the Sicilian tradition of crafting Granita.  This new company has been able to recreate the antique taste so the whole world can enjoy. Continue reading

Il Cenone: The Italian New Year’s Eve meal

Happy New Year – Auguri Buon Anno!

We hope you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Now we take you with us and tell you about an Italian NYE custom. This is not specific to one area, as usual there are regional variations and we will share with you some of these in other posts. Continue reading

An Old Italian Christmas Tradition, Nativity Scene

Continuing the Italian Christmas posts, there is a tradition in Italy to create a Nativity scene (presepe). This is a an old Italian tradition which began centuries ago, before the custom of the decorating a Christmas tree became popular in Italy, or even before the trees became common in elsewhere in Europe. Continue reading

l’Immacolata Concezione – Immaculate Conception

Oggi, 8 dicembre, è festa nazionale in Italia. Si festeggia l’Immacolata Concezione.

Che cosa vuol dire?

La Vergine Maria è nata senza il peccato originale: concepita come tutti dai suoi genitori, è stata preservata da Dio dal peccato originale.
Essendo questa una festa nazionale, oggi è giorno di riposo per tutti gli italiani.
L’8 dicembre è l’evento che apre il periodo natalizio; ovviamente, come ogni ricorrenza, anche questa è un’occasione per raccogliersi in famiglia e – perché no – per iniziare a gustare i piatti natalizi della ricca tradizione italiana.

Today, 8th December, is a national holiday in Italy. It is celebrated the Immaculate Conception.

What is that about?

Virgin Mary was born free from the original sin. Conceived like everyone else, she was born sinless for God’s will.
Since this is a national holiday, Italians have a day off.
The 8th December is the celebration that opens the Christmas time; just as every recurring event, this is also an occasion to spend some good time with your family and, of course, to eat some Italian traditional Christmas dishes.

Omar Giorgio and Samira Francesca

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